List of ‘I’ve got an Idea’ Fund Awards

2020 Outside Lives Ltd in North Wales – to enable their community to build a free standing, mobile, gravity fed, off-grid, handwashing station.

2020 Lee Holder of Music Works in Gloucester – Lee’s ‘Sound Gadgets’ initiative is using a combination of 3D printing and motion, touch, light and distance sensors to prototype bespoke instruments for young people with disabilities to enjoy creating music at home.

2021 Open Trail in Kidderminster – Their idea is Timerz – the first timing system to be a portable, use at home system for testing cycle sprint time over space witout the need for timing strips, beams and equipment. Their plan is an easy set-up, low cost option for grass roots racers and athletes looking for high performance on a budget. They have been working with their youngsters on the first prototype.

2021 Ava Garnside in Leeds – Ava’s idea is developing ‘Perfect Sense AQ’ sensor pin badges to wear on clothing (e.g. a school blazer) for measuring and displaying levels of pollution on the walk to school.

2021 Nichola Andersen and Swenson Kearey in Cornwall – to develop and install an automated recording and live streaming system of the dawn chorus using a Raspberry Pi platform in 4 different Cornwall locations.

2021 Victor Galadimawa – His idea is to use optic filters combined with an Infrared emitter to construct a high-power, fast cooking, solar powered barbecue grill which is compact and portable enough to replace the current single use, charcoal grills.

2021 Christian Blackmore-Wynn of Somerset is a Design Teacher who also sings and plays in the band The Legendary Snake Snake Snake – his idea is to work with his design students to experiment with creating sustainable percussion eggs which his band can use made from recycled paper and card pulp or from food waste such as orange peel or ground coffee with wildflower seeds mixed into it.

2022 Pigfoot Theatre in London – for their energy-harvesting dancefloor project which will convert performers’ live footsteps into electricity to power their shows’ lighting.

2022 Alistair Reid of Isle of Arran for his idea of geometry inspired, expandable structures for temporary packable accommodation for seasonal workers on Arran.

2022 Vibe – a group of 5 Imperial College students who have an idea for creating sustainable textiles from the waste leaves which grow above potato crops. The fund will help them run a viability trial this summer involving potato farmers and weaving equipment.

2022 – Connell McBride of Armagh for his idea of how to improve the nasal sound of the melodica by adding a sound box. He wants to improve the sound and attractiveness of the melodica as an affordable, easy to learn way for children to learn to play music. The fund will cover the cost of prototyping a posssible solution.

2023 – Dr Ramneek Johal, Research Scientist for her novel experiements using everyday household items to manufacture complex scaffolds for tissue regeneration.