First “I’ve Got an Idea” Fund award

We are delighted to announce that our newly formed “I’ve Got an Idea” Fund has granted its first award to Outside Lives Ltd in North Wales to enable their community to build a free standing, mobile, gravity fed, off-grid, handwashing station. This will enable them to open up their outdoor site safely again to their members.

The idea struck us as inspiring and fun.  Designing and building using recyclable materials will certainly require technical ingenuity to make the unit mobile and usable by people with different abilities. Outside Lives will happily share its design if the station proves a success.

I visited their site last week and was inspired by their focus on community co-production, the natural environment, sustainability, diversity and well-being in everything they do. They are full of ideas. I particularly liked their re-use of old motorway signs as strong, adaptable and funky looking building panels for the outside compost toilets they are currently constructing.

They already support many different interest groups with community members working together.


A comment from Lucy Powell, co-founder and Managing Director of Outside Lives Ltd.

‘We are absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to explore and coproduce our idea with a team of creative folk. We are looking forward to the ‘journey of discovery’, learning about the options available, finding out how we can make this work, not only for our site but for other places too. It is an exciting idea which we feel is particularly relevant at the moment and would like to thank ‘The Prospectory’ for supporting us.






I look forward to following the fun they have, the new community skills they discover and the things they learn together as they design and build their mobile handwashing station.

The “Ive Got an Idea” Fund is currently still open to applications (August 2020).

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