About The Prospectory

The Prospectory carries out behavioural and technology research projects on a not-for-profit basis.

We are involved in some collaborative research activities and also self-fund our own projects.

Our main interest is in experimenting with ways to……

  • Have fun,
  •  Use less energy to live and move ourselves around hilly rural areas,
  • Exploit local energy sources – sun, rain and wind,
  •  Benefit networks of local residents, visitors, businesses and communities, and
  • Explore the irrationality of human behaviour.
Loading Knoydart

Transporting our trial rural Twizy from Eigg to Knoydart

Alongside Prospecting, Alison and Peter are Directors of  Talybont-on-Usk Energy and founding Directors of the Eco Travel Network which won the inaugural Green Transport Prize in Scotland in May 2013 and the Low Carbon Champions Award for Low Carbon Road Transport Initiative of the Year  in September 2014. Alison is also a member of Larks and Ravens – an experimental arts group.