Idea Fund

I’ve got an Idea

2023  – The ‘I’ve got an Idea Fund’ is currently OPEN to new applications. Please read the criteria below carefully before applying.

I’ve got an idea” is a micro fund for either individuals or small groups or organisations who have a novel technical idea which they want to try out.

It has been set up in memory of Peter Williams by his family. Peter spent his life generating a diversity of technical ideas and experimenting to see if they might work. The process always involved others and was always part of the fun. Some of his ideas worked and some of them didn’t but they all left our world a better and more interesting place. We run this fund in that spirit of imagination, potential impact and fun.

So, we are looking for ideas…..

  • That are based on a novel technical idea.
  • That would deliver a social or environmental benefit.
  • That are intriguing, inventive and have an element of fun.

The fund offers grants ranging from £250 to £3k. Once the fund’s allocation has been used, it will be closed for applications until the funding pot has refilled. It is not our practice to provide part funding to larger projects.

This is a doing fund. We only fund the costs of making and/or testing the idea itself. We do not cover payment for people’s time or marketing/promotion costs.

We focus on DIY ideas where the applicants are building and experimenting with their idea themselves rather than outsourcing the development.

Applicants must be resident in the UK.

You can see the list of previous awards here.

How to apply:

You can apply to the Fund by emailing the following information to

You need to tell us:-

  • Briefly about yourself, your interests and experience.

  • About your technical idea, why it’s novel and who or what it could help.

  • How you plan to make it and/or test it out.

  • What funding you need and what that amount will cover.

  • Your contact details & how you found out about the fund.

Our technical and innovation advisors will assess your application. We may have to ask you further questions as part of this process.

We hope to tell you if your application has been successful within 4 weeks of submission.