‘I’ve got an Idea’ Fund Award to ‘Sound Gadgets’ project

I’m delighted to announce the 2nd award we have made from our recently established ‘I’ve got an idea’ Micro Fund set up in memory of Peter.

The award is to Lee Holder, the Disability Lead, at The Music Works Charity in Gloucester for his ‘Sound Gadgets’ project.

Lee works with adaptive music technology to provide accessible music making opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Unfortunately, commercially available equipment is often unable to cater for those with greater disabilities. Lee’s proposed ‘Sound Gadgets’ initiative aims to use a combination of 3D printing and motion, touch, light and distance sensors to prototype bespoke instruments for young people with disabilities to enjoy creating music at home. Their feedback will then enable Lee to make further adaptations and improvements. As well as opening music making to a wider number of people with disabilities, The Music Works hopes ‘Sound Gadgets’ can provide instrument blueprints, code and building information to other organisations in the UK.

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