Idea Fund Award – geometric expandable structures

We are delighted to announce an ‘I’ve got an Idea’ Fund award to Isle of Arran resident, Alistair Reid for his idea of geometry inspired, expandable structures for temporary packable accommodation.

Alistair has been experimenting with different geometric structures which could be quickly and easily transformed from a default state as a box or shipping crate to form robust, temporary accommodation for seasonal workers on an island where there is a severe shortage of affordable housing. More generally, although in emergencies and natural disaster responses, tents can provide useful, very fast shelter, there is a need for more robust and secure facilities.

Having explored different platonic solid structures, the Idea Fund award will enable Alistair to purchase the laser cutter he needs to construct larger prototypes which test whether his ideas will work on ever more realistic scales.

He will add the laser cutter to the 3D printers, hand tools and electronics available via a ‘makerspace‘ which Alistair is setting up on the island for access by local school kids, hobbyists and the creative community.

We wish Alistair well in creating and testing his interesting ideas at the next scale up and look forward to hearing about his experiences along the way.

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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