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  1. Candy Lister says:

    Hi Alison,
    Came across the B Bug a few minutes ago.
    Hope you can answer this question – sorry to bother you if not.
    Is there an assumption that you have a driving licence to be able to drive on of these?
    I think that, in some Europian countries, that if your vehicle is low powered you do not have to have a regular driving licence.
    I am a keen cyclist and, like quite a few people I know, do not drive.
    Just wondered if this is an issue that has been raised at all.
    I would love to use such a vehicle – getting older and with the diminution of bus services, such a method of transport on a holiday as a means to getting into the countryside would be the most exciting prospect ever.
    I look forward to your reply,

    Candy Lister

    • Prospector says:

      If you owned a b-bug yourself, I think you might only need a Provisional Licence to drive it (as it is technically a Quadracycle). However, if you were hiring one to drive on holiday, you would need a full driving licence. Self drive hire of any vehicle is pretty strict.

      Sorry not to be more help.


    think u tested an electric outboard years ago i was going to buy it off you but i live tyneside and u wanted it picked up . now i have friends who live much wenlock and chleltenham so have u still got it ?. have u still got the winsome which is how i found u in first place ? Nigel Douglass

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