Update – foldable, deployable dome structures on Arran

Great to hear the latest progress from another of our ‘I’ve got an Idea’ fund projects. On the isle of Arran, Alistair is experimenting with geometric principles to construct dome like structures for occasional or emergency housing which can be folded away in a compact format when not required. It’s proving a fascinating but challenging process involving repeated experiments to see what works – very much in the spirit of our fund! Alistair’s experiments involve switching between small scale cardboard modelling and then using 3D printing and the laser cutter (which we funded) to create parts and hinges to check the mechanism works. He’s now prototyping a more elegant telescoping arm mechanism and tessellated scissor panelling which will provide rigidity but also pack down.

Inbetween, the laser cutter also gets used for making parts for a local dementia craft project involving Easter chicks and highland cow clocks!

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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