Mobile waste water collector & washing station update

Delightful to hear from Lucy Powell of Outside Lives Ltd in North Wales today with an update of the first ‘I’ve got an idea Fund’ award we made. They had an idea to try to construct a mobile handwashing station which collected rainwater and could then be trolleyed to wherever on their site they needed it that day. What appealed to us about this project was both the way that the Outside Lives team work together with community members to dream up, test and build their ideas but also their innovative re-use of parts from unexpected sources. You can catch a flavour of this in these photos

Solving problems together as they crop up
Getting there….
I love the re-use of this wonderful handle

Updates from our funded projects are always a joy to hear about. A few of our projects sucessfully achieve what they set out to develop and try in a matter of months but most projects (exactly as we would predict) encounter unanticipated challenges and setbacks which require further invention, redesign and experiments along the way. That is just fine with us as that’s how even the best ideas usually proceed and where the most fun and learning happens.

Our Idea fund is currently open for new applications but please read the criteria carefully before applying.

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