Is our Government displaying Healthy Masculinity ?

“Healthy masculinity means NOT using your size, strength, or power to get what you want from others.”

In parliament yesterday, PM Boris Johnson said public reaction to Sarah Everard’s death is “wholly justified” and said “we need cultural change”

Does this include a cultural change from this government’s use of size, strength and power to get what they want? They repeatedly favour a distinctively masculine style of confrontation, threats, law breaking, competitive bluster, cracking down on asylum seekers and now stockpiling nuclear warheads over the alternative of dialogue, open debate, empathy and co-operation.

And, as ever with such behaviour, they fail to recognise its root as deep insecurity not confidence.

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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1 Response to Is our Government displaying Healthy Masculinity ?

  1. joannadodocant says:

    I totally agree. I feel so uncomfortable with the current rhetoric about asylum seekers. I also felt very sad when I heard Boris was intending to increase our nuclear warheads.

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