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Is football sustainable well-being consumption in action?

OK, so I confess I am not particularly interested in football and I’m far more Celtic these days than English. But football (or any mass spectator sport) as a joyful, sociable, meaningful ‘consumable’ has got to make us stop and … Continue reading

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The psychology of reducing consumption?

I’ve been challenged this week by an article in Nature Communications. It warns starkly how affluent consumption is the leading factor in environmental and social impact. And the major technological advances we are making are not enough to outweigh its … Continue reading

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What effect is Covid-19 having on our thinking?

Stuck at home in isolation, I’ve been wondering (as have many others) what impact Covid-19 is having on our thinking about the world we’d like to inhabit beyond the pandemic. In this weird, lonely and suspended state, we long for … Continue reading

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Growth and Waist

UK grocery sales in decline for first time in 20 years. … was the shocking headline in the Guardian in November 2014.  At a time of very low inflation, UK shoppers failed to buy more from supermarkets than they had … Continue reading

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