Does IR heating keep you warm without wasting energy?

In terms of domestic heating, the UK faces a major challenge from the combination of fossil fuel reduction, the rising cost of energy and our poorly insulated housing stock. We need to find ways to keep people comfortably and affordably warm in a diversity of housing without wasting energy.

Infrared (IR) heating is one option. Instead of heating the air, IR panels heat the occupants directly along with the thermal mass of the room (walls, ceiling, floor and furniture). This mass absorbs the heat and radiates back into the room which gradually warms the entire space.

Given that IR heating is decentralised and heats people directly, what difference does that
make to people’s thermal comfort and their home’s energy efficiency? To address this question, I interviewed 20 UK households who have IR as their primary source of heating. You can read the results here.

About Alison Kidd

Research Psychologist
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