Update on ‘Idea Fund’ Project : Sound Gadgets

Delighted to receive an update from ‘I’ve got an Idea Fund’ award winner Lee Holder’s ‘Sound Gadgets’ project.

Lee is experimenting with a combination of 3D printing and motion, touch, light and distance sensors to prototype customised interfaces for young people with disabilities to create their own music at home. Their feedback will then enable Lee to make further adaptations and improvements. As well as opening music making to a wider number of people with disabilities, The Music Works hopes ‘Sound Gadgets’ can provide instrument blueprints, code and building information to other organisations in the UK.

Dom – happy to share his first go with the prototype interface

What a brilliant project…

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1 Response to Update on ‘Idea Fund’ Project : Sound Gadgets

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve developed something similar with an IRCAM RioT chip https://www.instagram.com/p/B9G7ssRH2xM/

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