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Landing InverieThe Prospectors have been back up in Scotland the past week finishing off the Eco Travel Network trial of Toro, our modified Twizy on the Isle of Eigg and moving Toro to Knoydart where his trial will continue until January. The aims of these Rural Twizy trials are:-


  • To see how well the modified Twizy works in locations similar to rural Wales where neither range nor high speed are important and renewable sources of electricity are readily available.

  • Toro Twizy powered renewably on Eigg

    Toro Twizy powered renewably on Eigg

    To identify the design priorities for a Twizy-like vehicle which would work effectively in remote rural locations.

  • To use the trial experiences to motivate a manufacturer to design or modify an existing vehicle for this low energy, rural market.

  • To explore the reduced carbon footprint and diesel cost relative to the added electricity demand (and cost) when local transport is done in a Twizy-like vehicle.

A full trial report will be available shortly but meanwhile we’ve posted two blogs about our adventures with a Twizy on the high seas on our sister blog – ‘Ecofunkytravelling’. Read about the end of the Eigg trial here and the start of the Knoydart trial here. Follow the Prospectors eco travel adventures on Twitter @ecofunkytravel

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